Hello Cottage!

{the Lake House}

{the Lake House}

It’s official!

We purchased our second home today.  A fixer-upper of a cottage just 40 minutes from our Grand Rapids home.

Here’s the Story:

Three years ago my husband’s parent bought a cottage on a small lake just north of Grand Rapids.  It was a little A-frame located one house from the end of the street that runs along the lake.  With my husband Jason’s help, my in-laws have spend the last three years remodeling and renovating their cottage and it has turned out beautifully.  Working on this big project with his father has turned Jason into a  regular old handyman.

Just a couple of months ago the house next door, the last lake house on the left, became available.  (I know what you are thinking… why would we want a lake house right next to my in-laws?  Well, actually I am blessed with a couple of the best in-laws in West Michigan.  And besides who wouldn’t want a lake house with a built in babysitter and lawn service?) We expressed our interest immediately and made an offer.  Since the cottage needs some repair and updating, we made an offer that was substantially below their asking price.  Much to our surprise our offer was accepted.  Now here we are about one month later signing the papers on our dream (project) cottage.

Our lake house is definitely a fixer-upper (can’t have my father-in-law getting bored in his retirement).  So we have decided that the best way to keep a journal of our projects around the house is to start a blog.

This is my first endeavor at writing a blog, but I am super excited about it.  I hope you have the patience to follow along our story as I learn the ins and outs of this blogging thing.