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Design Inspiration: Laundry Room Ideas

Design Inspiration: The Laundry Room

I have always been envious of those with dreamy laundry rooms.  Here are some great laundry room ideas for inspiration to get me started on the laundry room at the lake house.   I hope that some of these ideas help get you motivated to make your laundry room an inviting space too.

(source: jennasuedesign.com}

(source: jennasuedesign.com}

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Design Inspiration: The Kitchen

{source: unknown. found on Pinterest}

{source: unknown. found on Pinterest}

A comfortable and functional kitchen is such an important aspect of any home, no matter how big or small.  Kitchens are where people hang out, great conversations happen, families bond and food is made and consumed.  We spend so much time in the kitchen at our craftsman house and I know we will do the same at the Lake House.  Therefore, 0ne of the first projects we need to tackle is the kitchen!   (more…)

Where to Begin

Before - Living / dinning

The Lake House is amazing!  it was built in the 1960’s with reclaimed barn beams as the load bearing structure.  The sub flooring is 2X8 tongue and grove pine, most of the walls are drywall, but several are reclaimed barn wood and the main floor ceilings are all tongue and groove pine as well.  Sounds great, right?  Unfortunately, it is also in need of a lot of renovating and remodeling to make it safe and livable.  We began by (more…)